Monday, November 07, 2005


Ah some Monday's one can't be arsed can one? A day of watching the clock. I like my job, but sometimes going on holiday permanently must appeal to everyone. Especially on a dark November morning after a weekend of unremitting rain.

My vernacular is being influenced by the queen since I took a trip up an East London tower block to view the Olympic Site. Following in the footsteps of HRH a few weeks ago.

Anyhow - thinking about innovation these days. What's it all about in RDAs? not many seem to have got their act together really. Its all a bit wooly - promoting innovation, erm well its really promoting productivity and use of new products and processes. Innovation is all a bit too vague really. In Scotland it used to mean spending large dollops of cash on science parks and technology institutes. The RDAs seem to have all their development/capital cash tied up in regeneration stuff.

And what about regeneration - the SRB is drying up next year! I am a bit sceptical that regeneration really achieved much for the money spent in lots of areas. Some good projects, but also a huge rush to fund anything to get the cash out of the door every year.


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