Thursday, November 24, 2005

parchutists in the civil service

Ah um, so a certain government department whom used to do a lot in a certain area of economic development and business stuff devolved a load of it down to the regions. And now they have appointed regional officers. Besides the point that well, why do we need a regional officer if its all devolved now, the officer doesnae have much of a scooby doo.

I have heard the new regional officer speak, and well, they haven't really mastered their brief yet! It was amongst experts, and was a cringeing moment. Mind you, it will be easy to fob them off as they won't be able to tell a red herring until someone else slaps them in the face with it.

What is it about the UK civil service where they radically change jobs as often as Portsmouth FC gets a new manager? Its annoying. Like we have people who come and work in employment policy who previously worked in policy for liquor export licensing or something as bonkers as that.

Where I worked previously, in Scotland, the head of skills and employment changed about three times in three years. Can you believe it. They'd have to be briefed every time. I remember a presentation by one, and thinking my goodness those ideas are at least 5 years old! they obviously had an early edition of the textbook!

What is it about our Civil Service where people are encourages to be generalists and there are few senior specialists?


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